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Gino Montalvo

Top 10 Places To Eat In Corpus Christi…

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z counter

1.  Z Counter
2.  Andy’s Country Kitchen
Classic Place, wonderful breakfast…pies are on point. Great vibe inside this place.
3.  Big Bowl Korean BBQ
4.  Ginger Cafe And Grill
5.  Quick Draw BBQ
6.  Thai Cottage
Old Favorite of mine, their Cashew Chicken, Curry, Calamari & Mixed Fried Rice never disappoint!
7.  Shoreline Sandwich Company
jp bombers
8.  J.P. Bombers

OMG!! Better tell the boss you ain’t coming back after lunch when you eat here…because you’re gonna be in a food coma. Their signature burger uses two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns… nuff said. Gotta try the jalepeno poppers too.
joint venture
9.  Joint Venture

Mom, Dad… don’t let the name fool you…this place is family, cop and taste “bud” friendly. Everything is homemade, my go-to is “The Fatty” burrito… brisket, pork belly, pepperoni and stuffed with cheese and if you really wanna step it up a notch…Add a fried egg into the mix. The first time I got this it was “to go” and while driving I took a sample bite…after that I had to pull over to finish up. THAT GOOD!

10.  Cactus & Vine

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